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Caitlin Walter, LCPC

Specializing in Eating Disorders, Perfectionism, and Adolescent Issues

Currently not accepting new clients due to maternity leave.




One on one therapy sessions allowing for a greater sense of privacy, trust and confidentiality, as well as a chance to focus in on your own goals and concerns.


Eating Disorder Assessment

Eating Disorders can be hard to spot in the people we spend the most time around, and often times are difficult to accept even once they’re acknowledged. In your assessment, we will spend time together identifying what may be problem behaviors, the purpose they serve for you, and their severity. Together we will then create an appropriate treatment plan for your specific needs.


Radically Open- Dialectical Behavior Therapy

RO-DBT targets a variety of concerns on the spectrum of excessive self control. RO DBT differs from other treatment approaches, particularly by linking the communicative functions of emotional expression to the formation of close social bonds. This method also focuses on skills targeting social-signaling and changing neurophysiological arousal.

Therapy Sessions
Butterfly, eating disorder, recovery, teen, change, transformation
My Approach
  • I utilize a client-centered approach and evidenced based treatment methods in sessions

  • We'll spend time getting to know one another and the things that you want to work on

  • We'll go about setting both short and long term goals you'd like to work on 

  • We'll regularly revisit our progress and make changes as needed

  • We'll send you off with the tools that you need to take on the world with confidence. 

I'm Caitlin

I'm a licensed clinical professional counselor who specializes in eating disorders and working with teens. I have a therapy cat who works in the office on Wednesdays and every other Thursday! Together we can work towards feeling like yourself again. 

Getting Help

While therapy may seem like a daunting journey to begin, it could be the simple change that makes a world of difference for you.


It's not easy, but it IS worth it. And so are you.


If you're ready to take the leap, let me know :) 


Eating Disorders


Self Esteem




Teen Issues



Transformation is not magic. It’s hard work. But it is also doable work. When we can see another person’s labor toward their transformation, we know it is not some secret sauce but instead a daily commitment to a new way of life.

Sonya Renee Taylor

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